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Bonsoir Les filles. @kaoutartaouil @alae I think the only way to get pitbull @theagents and @themostbadones in Morocco is to keep asking them; we should show them how much we love them and we want see them here in Morocco.
As you know that @pitbull has been before here and @theagents too but in our bad luck we can not attended the show; we just watched on TV. We missed it . Personally I feel so bad when I am watching you’re great performer on YouTube. I was always proud to be a Moroccan; but now I wished if I live in USA or any latinos country . I know how much is so hard to get you here . But you should know that we love you all everyone of you is special. You always rocked our hearts. And come guys it’s the time for @themostbadones to rock and roll the stage here in Morocco they should visit morocco. I know it’s so hard to get a reply from you or get you here. But I have another way I will ask our greatest Moroccan producer @redone to ask pitbull for that. Love you soooo much
Sorry for my English. Much love from morocco @planetpitbulll @stefruiz @itsteena themostbadones @themostbadones @planetmars13 @_adrinaa @usafrida @jorgeG305 @papayomusic @themostwinning

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